Sorry to leave you guys hanging on Friday!  I left for Highpoint Thursday morning and it's a blur after much to see and not much time!

Walking 15,000 steps a day so comfortable shoes are a must......which hinders the "outfit" at times.


I think I took 500 pictures so I should have some good blogging material for a while...... which will prevent me from talking about subjects like toilets:)

Southern Home Magazine put on their first showhouse while we were there.  The Julian Price House was featured on an episode of Hoarders....which I missed but am now obsessed to find and watch.

I had to run through the house because the opening party was at 6 pm [in Greensboro] and I had to be at a dinner at 7 pm [in Highpoint....30 min away!] 

Like a good blogger I snapped away and also did a little instagram snooping for some better pictures...I can be genius like that....hee haw.

Found this before picture of the outside....apparently a designer lived in the house and after her husband died I guess the hoarding started.....

This is what it looked like when I got there.....

Hoarding shot

Empty foyer after the home was cleared 


Beautiful Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper

Not sure which room this is but OK....whoa.

Pretty guest bedroom

And they did a great job making the bathroom fun since it had green tile.  Love the walls.....


Living room....

I love the profile of this corner sectional!

Through the LR was a sunroom clearly sporting the same blue and green colors....I was totally drawn to this space.

There is so much more....31 rooms in this house!

We will continue on Friday.  

On a side note.....sticking with WW in Highpoint was damn hard.  8000 snacks in every showroom....I'm SICK of fruit.... I just tried to save all my points so I could have a few glasses of wine every afternoon!  

It's the important things in life right :)



Thanks for all of your support for my gig at House Beautiful.....and giving me confidence that I can swing this color thing :)

Today I am talking about my latest obsession.  If you know me then you know when I get a hold of something I go all in.....think black and white!

I had to go to Target yesterday.....[had is used loosely here] for something.  As you know they have pretty much revamped the whole store.....especially all the clothing.

Many new lines and new styles.  I found myself in the shoe before I go any further I have to say that I rarely buy shoes in Target. Everything else though....ha ha.

Anyway I pulled down these red mules to try on and I felt the obsession coming.  As soon as I put one on while I dragged the other one [I hate that they are tied together]  over to the mirror  I felt a moment.

These were so cute.....but I could tell right away they were maybe a 2 hour shoe and NO walking around!

I got them anyway because for 34.00 why not?

Then I got home and the hunt was on.....because I got it in my head that a beautiful white shirt, a pair of jeans and some red shoes can create a moment.


Do you agree now?  OK hold on before you start searching for stuff because I did a little footwork for you....your welcome.

Starting with white shirts....

And some red shoes....

My new obsession with jeans.....Lucky Brand

I got the curvy fit cause let's face it....this girl has them:)

Also....update on WW.  I'm 3 pounds down in one week [7 to go]....headed to Highpoint on Thursday so that will be a challenge.

Alrighty to work.



Y'all I have a little news to share today.  I was afraid to speak about it cause....I wanted to make sure I wouldn't end up with egg on my face....literally..... because with WW you eat a lot of eggs and I'm already sick of them but that is a whole other story. 

Back in February I flew up to NYC with Michael Ladisic [Ladisic Fine Homes] to meet with the team at House Beautiful.....

Yes..... let that sink in a minute.

You know...just a National Design Magazine

Instead of doing a Kitchen of the Year they are doing a whole house and picked Atlanta and then Michael to build it.  And he just kind of slid me in.

I'm such a goober....I didn't see anyone else taking pictures of their name tag:)

We had a tour of the Hearst Building.....

We were at the very top here....


It was an epic day for sure....there we were..... and across the table...... Sophie Donelson [the editor] and her team.   Lord I couldn't even speak....which will surprise all of my friends:)

"The Whole Home Project Concept House celebrates living with wellness and technology.  From a kitchen designed to make you healthier, to an entryway and garage organized to eliminate clutter and promote calmness, to every space around and in-between"

So excited to be a part of the team....but then amongst all the chatter I heard the word "color"**sound of scratching record**

Huh?  Do they know me?  Cause....

But in all honesty why am I surprised?  HB is known for their colorful pages.  I started to sweat...."Sherry can you do color?"  Um of course I can "color is my middle name....I was raised on color....I eat sleep breath color"

Clearing my throat.....meekly.....sure.

Fast forward to my first [key word here] go around with the bedroom.

Blush and blue gray....This is color to me:)  Apparently not to HB. 

And then the family room....

I fell hard for these colors in this Thibaut fabric!

It was a beat down....but hey in all honesty to a person who has white floors and white walls this IS color....hee haw.

And to be totally transparent....they did like least that is what they told me.....[snickering in the background] but just not enough color.  So I said "do you mean like yellows, gold, teal, corals?"

Uh huh....yep that IS what they meant.  HB does not play when you are talking I was sweating.  It's like a person who does recreational drugs compared to someone who is a full blown addict.

Suysel dePedro Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster

Miles Redd

Jeffery Bilhuber

So you can see I will have to think outside my neutral box to get this job done.  I think an interventionist or a hypnotist might be on the horizon.

Oh yes and speaking of Weight Watchers.....I'm hungry y'all.  I want some butter.  I'm tired of eggs...bacon....and fruit.  There is a lot of food planning involved.  I asked my sister how long we have to do this and she said.....what do you's forever.  

FOREVER....What?  Not too sure about that.  We need to talk.


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