I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We arrived home from Tucson yesterday afternoon and it was so good to see Cami's little face:)

We were visiting my husbands brother and his wife who are "hikers".  When I was packing I threw in all my cute outfits and at the last minute one workout outfit just in case I could squeeze in a walk.

Hahahahaha.  I never even got to wear anything BUT that!  We hiked everyday so I had to come home each afternoon and wash my one "hiking" outfit.

Jokes on me.

This warning before a hike had me on edge...
If you have spent any time with me you will also learn that I don't like spiders, snakes and now I will throw bears on that list.

So back to Tucson....the city that brings new meaning to the color beige, tan, brown, beigey tan and every shade in between....

I was shocked not to see one white house and it became a joke amongst us of my obsession with white!  You guys already know this about me....

We were hiking down near the border of Mexico close to Nogales and ended up having lunch in a cute little place called The Wisdom's Cafe.

Here is what you need to know....the reward after the hike is a good lunch and a libation!

During a downtown tour I did spot the one yellow building with a turquoise door....take note need more of this!

Am I the last to know that cactus can be purple?

And as if they were reading my mind we did come across a white commercial building.....

These cuties were right outside their backyard...

Not that I cook....but these were served and the fact that you can cook in the microwave was a "win win" for me.  One day I will make it to Costco for the second time!

If you need a good book to read I highly recommend this one which I read on the plane.

It makes me think I need to do more with my life.

Matthew Quinn [kitchen king] has just finished installing the Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse and apparently it was down to the wire!  Hopefully the paint is dry as it opens Dec 4th.  

House Beautiful posted a few pictures!

Amanda Lindroth

Chris Drake

Caroline Rafferty Interiors

Christopher Maya

Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors

Michael Cox and Mary Foley

Lisa Erdmann

Mabley and Handler 

Matthew Quinn/Design Galleria

Phlip Gorrivan

Bob Brown

Bradfield and Tobin

Stephen Mooney

Susan Zises Green

Vincere, Ltd

And that my a wrap!

Back on schedule next week.....who's doing some retail therapy online today?

Sherika the freaka




I forgot about the randomness that goes with "this and that"'s a pass for just dumping all kinds of pictures and info onto a post with pure abandon!

So today I will bounce all over the place and leave you spinning for the weekend.

Let's start with a kitchen reno....

You remember the before right?

Everything was going smoothly until the painting....I knew this part was going to be rough for her because it's pretty hard living through the inconvenience of all the plastic etc..... 

But she made it with my encouragement....and wine of course :)

These Silestone countertops called Eternal Calacatta Gold are my new fav!

This kitchen faucet Grohe K7 

Moving my Manchester project.  

Scored this awesome art form Scott Kerr at Scott's Market!  The amazing part is I hung it with D rings and no level.  Only one extra hole :)

Trying to accessorize this single girls bedroom with some blush.....

Her sweet puppy "Coco Chanel"

Back downstairs we started this gallery wall in the kitchen!

We placed this chair in the kitchen for a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings!  I have a spot like this and it's the best.
Small table and floor lamp from West Elm....

And hello gorgeous black and cream blanket from Williams and Sonoma Home [friends and family weekend]

And.....there is a new development down in Fayetteville Georgia that has really caught my eye!

Pinewood Forest is a large planned urban development and the homes are being curated by Dana Lynch Design who oozes talent.

I took these shots from their Instagram page [Pinewood Forest Design Group]

The first few are the new sales center...hubba hubba

I'm interested.....Maybe a day trip soon!

And no "this and that" post is complete without a picture of Cami....

So all of you special people have a wonder Thanksgiving.....I'm headed to Tucson to visit some family. 



I'm sitting here in a dither trying to decide what to write about today.  Here's the  problem.... I am in the middle of so many projects but I feel like showing you bare drywall and unfinished spaces is pretty lame.'s looking like this might be the case plus if I answer a few questions then all might be forgiven.....maybe?

The wood dresser in the post "Design Plan" is from the Hooker Skyline collection.  The rug is from Silver Creek.

I do have a few other details [on this same project] to share so I will try to keep it interesting.....:)

The master bath room before.... with that gorgeous view of the river but clearly outdated.

 Took down the wallpaper and added trim!

Giving a space some architectural details is always a good idea!

Painted the vanity BM White Dove

Whoa....slight game changer.... plus new hardware!

Also if you look at the before picture there are sconces which we are replacing with these from Circa Lighting.

Trying to bring the glamour back!

Back to the bedroom.....against this back wall is the seating area....

Here are the fabrics.....

The sofa and 2 chairs were previously in the LR
A pretty gray blue velvet for the sofa and the chair fabric is actually a cream color [shown like that so you can see the pattern]

And opposite of the seating area on the other side of the bed.....a chaise from CR Laine with a Kravet performance fabric on know the singing and dancing fabric:)....haha  And the Bungalow 5 white textured dresser.
So lots of blues and creams.....

Sheer linen curtains with this pretty trim on it....
I mentioned before that the ceilings were painted BM Glass Slipper and the walls are BM White Dove.

Here is an almost finished picture of the bedroom entry....light fixture goes in today....door knobs soon!  I still can't get over how much better the plain doors look with the added trim.

It has been a long time since I have done a pretty traditional room like this!  Hopefully I can hold off any more pictures until it is finished.

I'm sure all 10 of you are yawning by now.....tis the season I guess:)


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