Lately I have made going to showhouses my job.  

I posted about Kips Bay Palm Beach and yesterday I toured the Atlanta Holiday Showhouse.

But..... I'm going to give y'all a break today and just ramble about nothing until your eyes start to bleed.

After all it's the Holiday Season and I will probably have your attention for a hot minute so let me make it about me right?

Last night I dragged myself out in traffic [those that know me will realize that was pretty epic] to help a good designer friend Jennifer Shoenberger celebrate her home on the cover of Atlanta Magazine's Home!

I'm now obsessed with pink and red together!  Isn't she fabulous:)

 My tribe!

 Crikey why didn't I at least put some lipstick on?

Hahahahaha....almost the same look.  I think I am 6 here.

 I have been to her crib and it is gorgeous!

Remember when I posted about shopping all over the place in Atlanta last week?  Well here was the result of my pillow collection for a client.

Over at my Manchester project we finally  got the rug!
 I'm digging it!

And picked up this cool modern end table.

Pillows were installed......

Another project got this awesome Emtek door hardware.....swoon.

And the bathrooms are coming along nicely.

Oh yeah....there was that one "tear out" before they got it right.  Yikes.

I finally calmed down about the SW Pure White when I found some pretty backsplash tile.

I binged this new show from Amazon

Such a favorite....a comedy, with fashion and beautiful sets! 

Cami looking all pretty:)

Blah blah blah.....I think that's about it for today.  I am going to torture myself at Barry's Bootcamp again.

My hope is to get a wreath on the door this week.  Let's see how that works out.



OK....all of you are forgiven....I received many comments about SW Pure White.  Apparently I was giving it a bad rap.  To be honest I was acting more like a client than a designer!  Yup....looking at a white swatch and forgetting that when it is up it will probably just read white:)

Thanks for talking me off the ledge!

I haven't seen it yet and my contractor has sent me some pics but hard to tell.  I won't be there until after Christmas so that is when the screaming or jumping for joy will happen.....ha ha.

Either way.....1st world problems.

I am still in Florida but leaving in a few hours so trying to crank this baby out!

As promise all the details about Matthew Quinn's Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse kitchen.

First of all it did not disappoint.  I think it's safe to say that if you do something for 20 years or more you are quite the expert and this guy knows how to WOW us with his honed skill.

I did not get the cabinet color but the ceiling was painted a beautiful pale blue.
I got to see the before pictures and it was a dark space with dark cabinets.  There were no windows in this kitchen at all but he added lots of light and "bling" to resolve that issue. 

This Natasha Baradaran Pari Pendant from R Hughes light fixture was the crown jewel!

Another way he lightened up the space was by adding mirrors.  The one on the left was a door door [which he mirrored] and he created symmetry by adding the mirror on the RHS.  Perfection!
The Phillip Jeffries wallpaper was another perfect element.

 I took this shot from Matthew's Instagram of the dry bar area....

This was after it had been styled by Ric Parish:)

The floors had to stay but [in my opinion] I did not mind them at all....I asked about the bar stools and he got them on All Modern but he recovered them!

Guess where this gorgeous wood bowl came from?

HomeGoods!  I can just see him grabbing that sucker and clutching it close like gold.  

I think this faucet was Kohler.

Shelf styling:)

Gorgeous velvet curtains [Designs By Sudi]

I'm pretty sure that the quartz countertops were Cambria!

Great pullout coffee bar!

Beautiful Matthew Quinn collection hardware....of course mixing metals.

Are you dying yet?  I am so glad I got to see it in person because to me it was so much prettier!

OK.....gotta get dressed and get to the airport so I can go home and put out all the fires [I knew I would pay for this little side trip when I have so much going on!]



Note to self.....don't take any jobs after October 1st.  

Of course I say that every year as I am running around trying to satisfy all of my commitments....meanwhile my house has no Christmas decor and looks like one of those Korean missiles landed in my guest room which is full of fabrics and accessories for my installs!

I was all over the place yesterday looking for the perfect accessory for bookcases, bedding, pillows and just plain stuff!

After 9 stops I gave up and went home but I did manage to snag a few things.

First up.... I stopped off at Serena and Lily which just opened recently here in Atlanta.  

I love seeing their fresh look up close and personal!

I just bought the coffee table above for a project and can't wait to put the room together after the first of the year.

They are heavily invested in Blue and green and I was loving it! 
Didn't find anything there but did see a few things for future jobs!

Next's no secret that I love Bungalow Classic.  I could go in there blind and pick things out for a room.

There is a new store in town which I was excited to check out....Hudson Grace

I am sucker for wooden bowls!

Of course this is where I gasped with all of this black and white goodness!

I headed back to Buckhead and stopped into Gramercy looking for bedding.

Scored there with this beautiful Matouk!

The perfect color!  Kind of exciting

I sent a picture to my client and heard nothing.  I then sent a text message to school her on the correct response..... and that would be to answer with emoji's jumping up and down in excitement.  It's a long day and I needed some validation:)

Next stop Web Marsteller where I can always score.

I love to put a beautiful bowl on the coffee table!

I had to go over to ADAC and order some fabric so I made a quick stop into Stark Carpet....and holy smackdown.....this rug made me weak in the knees!

My next stop was to Home Depot to look for some subway tile for the beach kitchen reno.  Y'all I REALLY messed up with the paint color down there.  Since I could not use BM paint....[it was going to be about 500.00] more I had to pick a SW color quickly.  

I went with SW Pure White thinking "what the heck....if it says pure then it must be white".  

Good Lord.  Mistake.  It looks so darn yellow I could cry.  I can barely talk about it but SINCE nobody answered my cry for help in my last post I was left hanging.

Um hello....remember me.....your buddy?


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